A different approach to selling your house in Scotland. Free.

FSBO – For Sale By Owner is the way to sell your house without costly commissions, taking advantage of the new Home Reports or Seller Surveys which are now a legal requirement for every house for sale in Scotland. These include a Single Survey, an Energy Report and a Property Questionnaire. All you need is a shop window to put these in, and Occupi aims to provide that most basic service for free. You can even print and stick our sign in your window, if you have access to a printer.

Every Scottish Home Report is prepared by a qualified Chartered Surveyor and as such can be relied on to present the most accurate picture possible of a property for sale, without the kind of spin or emphatically positive description that a marketing professional might instinctively add to the mix to generate interest in the property.


Not that Estate Agents are a bad thing: there are times when you need all the help you can get to sell a property, and many agents are working harder than ever to move difficult properties in difficult times. It’s just that some properties virtually sell themselves, and your Seller Survey gives you the means to do that very easily indeed.

Occupi is not anti estate agent: we simply see a new stage in the sales process which naturally precedes their engagement, and seamlessly continues after their appointment. Not everyone can sell their own house, but many people might want to explore some new alternatives in marketing.

Lets be clear: If you list your house on Occupi then engage an estate agent you must pay the agent a fee even if an online-referred buyer appears before a sign appears in your property. If you have asked an estate agent to work for you, expect to pay them what they are due.